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One small step for NASA, One giant leap for the X Prize

FAA approval, still no rules

Michelle Murray, the FAA contact in the Office of Commercial Space Transportation for Lunar Lander Challenge contestants, wrote to say that she has bookmarked this place. Thanks, Michelle!

Michelle is there to help. At Space Access ’06 she told me that she would work to find a way for any serious contestants to get permits in time for the competition.

Will Pomerantz, Director of Space Projects for X Prize Foundation, also wrote to say that he has bookmarked this place. But, still no final rules yet. Will promises to keep us posted.

Here are some questions floating around about the contest. If anyone knows the answers, share if you can.

The draft rules said April 23 was recommended to submit an experimental permit application, and June 22 is the last possible date to get a permit in time for X Prize Cup 2006. Is that still the schedule?

Will teams need two permits? — one for flight-testing at their own sites, and one for the X Prize Cup?

What if some college team just heard about the Challenge on May 5 and decided to spend all summer building something to field in the contest — is there any hope for them? Or is it too late?

How many applications has AST received for vehicles wishing to compete in Lunar Lander Challenge?

Who has signed up so far?

Will the Lunar Lander Challenge flights be performed at Las Cruces International Airport or somewhere else? (down the highway at the UAV test facility? up the road in Upham? somewhere in Texas?)

Will there be anything launched from X Prize Cup that will attempt to go to space?

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May 18, 2006 at 8:04 pm

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