Lunar Lander Challenged

One small step for NASA, One giant leap for the X Prize

Joint propulsion prize panel

This should be interesting.
Prized Competitions and Advancements in Rocket Propulsion Systems, Tuesday afternoon July 11 at the AIAA’s Joint Propulsion Conference in Sacramento.

Chaired by: N. Sarigul-Klijn, University of California, Davis, CA

Invited panel members who are directly involved in prized competitions or helped propulsion research and development in connection with the prized competitions will share their knowledge and views. Panel member presentations and audience interacted question/comment session are planned.

Guest speakers include: Dr. Nesrin Sarigul-Klijn, Professor and Leader of Space Engineering Research and Graduate Program (SpaceED), University of California at Davis; Dr. Peter H. Diamandis, Chairman and Founder of the X-Prize Foundation; Kenneth Davidian, Program Manager of Centennial Challenges, NASA Headquarters; Mr. Frank Macklin, Vice President of Engineering at SpaceDev; and Mr. Tim Pickens, President of Orion Propulsion Inc.; Dr. Jim Busby, XCOR Aerospace.

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June 24, 2006 at 9:12 pm

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