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Orion On and On

Recent issue of the Marshall Star (page six) has a story about Orion Propulsion‘s three-year contract to develop an innovative regulator/valve for Project Orion’s upper stage and the Orion capsule’s attitude control systems. (The story was written before NASA chose the Orion name for its program and capsule, thus sparing the Marshall Star writer sentences like the one above.)

Orion proprietor Tim Pickens says in the article that the aim is to develop a commercial product applicable to a variety of aerospace markets.

This is one of the reasons that Tim decided not to lead a Lunar Lander Challenge team this year. But the former Ansari X Prize team leader doesn’t rule out an attempt in 2007, if the contest isn’t won (or held) in October.

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July 26, 2006 at 11:28 am

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