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Personal Spaceflight Federation eXists, MOON at X Prize Cup

Plenty of press releases and news items yesterday about the Personal Spaceflight Federation, which includes Lunar Lander Challenge manager the X Prize Foundation and Lunar Lander Challenge contestant Armadillo Aerospace on its roster of members.

All the press releases are from Ian Murphy, who also wears the communications director hat for X Prize Cup. This could explain why X Prize Cup is a few days late with the big publicity rollout for Lunar Lander Challenge eXpected 60 days before the contest (now 57 and counting). Unless… another eXplanation could be that no teams have officially registered and been accepted to fly in the competition this year. If so, the X Prize isn’t yet obliged to promote or maybe even allowed to mention them.

Promo did arrive for something called Moon World Resorts that will eXhibit its plans for a worldwide chain of virtual simulated lunarlike vacation resorts scattered around the surface of Earth. (Suggestion: Hold out for the real thing.)

Here’s the Personal Spaceflight Federation promo via RLV and Space Transport News: Personal Spaceflight Federation Announces Future Plans, PSF Expands Membership and Announces Officers, Personal Spaceflight Federation Congratulates COTS Winners, a story from Cosmic Log, Space Federation lifts off, and comment today at, PSF relaunches.

The official press releases followed close on the heels of two reports by space journalists with special access to the inside goings-on of the Personal Spaceflight Fed.

Rob Coppinger of Flight International blogged his impressions on Monday (via RLV and Space Transport News), and last spring revealed the organization’s plans to hold a CEO summit at X Prize Cup (also via RLV and Space Transport News).

Also on Monday, the Fall 2006 issue of National Space Society’s Ad Astra magazine arrived in the mail, featuring “highlights” from an eXclusive roundtable discussion conducted at International Space Development Conference last May. Author Leonard David asked several representatives of the invitation-only industry association: “Are we at a tipping point in the realization of personal spaceflight — a unique time in history — or are we kidding ourselves?”

For answers, watch the mailbox (if you are a National Space Society member), or visit Leonard David’s blog and petition him to republish the article online somewhere. (The eXpanded, uncut, uncensored version would be great!)

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August 23, 2006 at 11:56 am

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