Lunar Lander Challenged

One small step for NASA, One giant leap for the X Prize

Space travel begins on the ground

Tim Pickens says he’ll bring his fabled Rocket Truck to X Prize Cup (stealthily renamed Wirefly X Prize Cup since the last time I checked the website).

It’s a Chevy outfitted with a hybrid rocket engine. Whether it will be in motion or just static test-fired is still in question. Tim and his buddies built the truck on weekends just for fun (when they could have been building a Lunar Lander Challenge entry… but that’s another story). Tim is thinking about driving it himself, unless for instance Jay Leno would like to do the honors. The truck carries four and the right seat controls the rocket engine — with an XBox! — while the driver controls the truck.

Rocket Truck RocketTruck004.jpg

Tim also said he’ll bring Orion Propulsion‘s mobile test trailer and whatever rocket bikes he finds around the house.


Written by Robin

October 3, 2006 at 1:45 am

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