Lunar Lander Challenged

One small step for NASA, One giant leap for the X Prize

Interorbital Systems not in X Prize Cup orbit

email interview with Randa Milliron, CEO of Interorbital Sytems, Lunar Lander Challenge interested party:

>> Interorbital is listed in the Teams 2006? category, with subtitle Banned by the X Prize — Hypergolics Not Allowed! Should I also list you for Teams 2007??

Perhaps you should list us as unjustly banned…. You might also say that we were told by XPC that we could not fly a “real” lunar lander…

If Carmack has no success and the prize still stands, I’m pursuing the ban from the competition to the highest levels. Yes. Include us for 2007.

>>Will you be traveling out to the New Mexico social event?


>>Will you be presenting or be present at the International Personal Spaceflight Symposium sponsored by NMSU and New Mexico Space Grant Consortium? (tues, wed)

No. We were not invited or contacted in any way ever by this organization.

>>Will you be attending the X Wirefly Prize Cup Executive Summit 2006? (thursday)

No. Again, never contacted or invited.

>>Will your crew module simulator be on display at X Prize Cup? (fri, sat)

We will not enrich this stupid [descriptive phrase bleeped] with anything real…..

>>What is your educated guess as to how much NASA prize money will go home in the pocket of one-and-only Lunar Lander Challenge competitor Armadillo Aerospace?

If they made good use of Lutz’s injector and advice, maybe a little, but probably zero….

>>How about that Space Elevator Games $400k worth of Centennial Challenges –have you been following that eXciting competition? How many teams can you name?

Very funny…
I have absolutely no interest in this event or concept….

>>What is Interorbital doing if not trying to game a few bucks out of NASA?

No time for gaming NASA—-
Just finished complete vehicle analysis of SEA STAR for 2007 microsat launch. According to runs through POST and OTIS programs by Mckinney and Associates, everything is ship-shape and the vehicle is capable of performing as designed. Very expensive process, but necessary step in orbital launch licensing procedure.

Crew module/simulator nearing completion; test site upgrades continuing; guidance system tests continuing; propellant tankage under construction; training equipment expanded to include GyroGym; space medical team chosen; and more!

Interorbital Crew Module Sim Under Construction
May 7, 2006 – Crew Module Simulator under construction; seat fitting.

IOS Crew Module Sim

October 8, 2006 – Spacecraft technician Joel D. Kegel at work on IOS Crew Module


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