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Inside info: What Might Be Up for X Prize Cup

A certain person who works at a somewhat secretive spaceship company, and who prefers not to be identified and would like his intelligence to be paraphrased when derived from the not-quite-public forum at aRocket, the Alternative Rocketry discussion list, passes along this information about what might be happening at X Prize Cup next week: [comments in brackets by Lunar Lander Challenge]

Armadillo’s still planning to [leave the ground], last I heard (which was earlier today during a telecon with [Foundation well-known for space prize management genius] ). They’ll probably win the Vertical Rocket Challenge [new name: Lunar Lander Challenge Level 1], and they may win the Lunar Lander Challenge. [Level 2??? That would be so cool!]

Tripoli‘s bringing half a dozen or so big rockets, and an undetermined number of medium size rockets (H/I/J).
[But will anyone fly anything? Las Cruces is not Black Rock… TBD]

Orion [actually, Tim Pickens and his buddies who fool around with rocketizing things on the weekends] is doing several static runs of their rocket truck, and hopefully they’ll get to run one or both of their hybrid rocket bikes. [Orion Propulsion will bring its mobile test trailer, to support the Tim Pickens hobby project. Attention!]

[Lunar Lander Challenge proprietor might be allowed to ride the pink lowrider cold-gas rocket bike at this X Prize Cup — a slight improvement over last year, when only pedal power was permitted.] I certainly hope so – they’re bicycles; how big a hazard can they be?

Masten hopes to static fire something, as does another team. [another team…? this info still secret_] Actually I don’t know what the other team is doing; it may be a flight demonstration. [Perhaps a non-rocketized UAV demo?] There’s also the rocket belt flights, several military flybys, and a pair of flights by something I’m not at liberty to reveal. [Just guessing: non-rocketized Velocity Rocket Racer trainer…? ]

Plus we’re bringing the [small rocket engine demonstrator] and Orion’s bringing their suitcase hybrid; I’m hoping we can get some Dueling Rockets going. [Will you be able to cook hot dogs or roast marshmallows with those things?]

It’ll be a good show. Gates open at 6 AM, first event is at 7:00 sharp.


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October 11, 2006 at 8:56 pm

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