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One small step for NASA, One giant leap for the X Prize

Space Transport News roundup

HobbySpace RLV & Space Transport News proprietor Clark Lindsey keeps up on rocket progress reports related to X Prize Cup activities.

Masten engine tests; Tim Pickens Rocket Truck; SS1 engine history

Jon Goff describes progress with the engine tests at Masten Space: Night Firing – Masten Space Systems blog – Oct.13.06. He indicates that they will do some firings at the X Prize Cup.

Check out the video of a test firing of the Tim Pickens (Orion Propulsion) rocket truck hybrid motor: Personal Spaceflight info / In Thrust We Trust – Lunar Lander Challenge Blog – Oct.13.06.

More rocket videos at SpaceRaceNews Channel at YouTube.

Speaking of Tim Pickens, check out his recent interview on the SpaceShow. He tells the most complete story that I’ve heard about the development of the hybrid propulsion system for SpaceShipOne.

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